You know what i need A guy or lass who is 100 confident in there msx knowledge...

You know what i need.... A guy or lass who is 100% confident in there msx knowledge and willing to help me even get to 50% knowledge!! I look at all you guys playing about with your bike and wish I could do it too..

  • You might struggle with that one Fay

  • You're surrounded by enthusiasts.... use us lol

  • Oh I know... U might be right....

  • I knew nothing 3 years ago. Taught myself by watching videos, asking questions on forums or to people, Google. There's still loads I don't know but at least I can service my bike and do general installs/maintenance

  • well fay, your msx (if its stock) doesn't even need the oil filter changed... because it doesn't have one! warm up the engin on a ride, remove oil drain plug, rock bike back and forth when the draining slows. insert drain plug, and add 1 qt of your favorite blend.

  • Don't be afraid to ask. None of us know it all and there's some great advice here :)

  • And for what it's worth I've got a pile of parts to whack on that I'm not 100% on but going to try and ask when required! It gets easier the more you do the more your confidence grows. Are there many local riders to go see?

  • There are a few local riders... To be honest I should really make more effort to meet them

  • Or find a local MSXer to show you.....that's what i do with Charlie

  • Yea we try out stuff on his bike first lol

  • Think I've got the same parts Owain!

  • I think so mate! If the weather is OK Wednesday I'm going for it!

  • Yep all except the bar. And my clutch springs are ebc.

  • Im sure its tomatoes tomatoes re the clutch springs - I think I need to rework my belly pan after the clutch cover goes on..

  • Think yours are stronger, but yeh as I'm not a wheelie man, shouldn't matter

  • I'm not either I'm too precious on the msx lol

  • I got a dildo to try on his bike, gonna stick it on the pillion seat

  • As long as it's doused in glitter first

  • I'd never worked on a bike till my Grom and I've been riding 9 years. Now I'm just like fuck it I'll give it a go. So far fitted everything myself

  • Best thing to do fay is download the service manual and have a read through it. The maintenance part will be pretty good for you as it pretty much covers the basics then if you want to go more into depth then read some more sections :)

  • I always come here first no matter how dumb I think my question might be and always get helpful answers, because of this I'm able to help others when they ask the questions I've already asked