You think this would fit

You think this would fit?

  • Not too sure bud, are you planning on mounting it under the headlight like a dirt bike?

  • That was what I thought when I seen it. I was looking at the snail design one but I like the supermoto style. But can get this to fit a cr80 which I guess would be smaller then say one to fit a crf450?..

  • It looks skinnier than the front tyre, so may not catch all the wet etc, You would have to get the dimensions and do some measuring Chris, I like the snail design

  • Yea me too just shipping is a killer..cheers for the input tho.

  • No chance that'll fit without cutting it down mate

  • Are you thinking something like this?

  • Or this

  • Ohhhh more the latter..

  • Don't waste your money dude.