You wash your bike. Polish it or just ride it like some do

You wash your bike ?? Polish it or just ride it like some do ??.

Had a buddy that rode my my his over 120,000 never washed at all.

He said hey it runs just as good as yours !!

  • Wash it.

  • Not washing a vehical is just lazy .. u wash it and take care of it it will last longer

  • Oops my buddy's 120, 000 bike was washed once ,

    We rode from Bedford, Indiana, to Houston, via

    New Orleans , put on a new rear tire before we left home.

    A Continental, on His CB 750. Was in the mid 70s

    Cords showing when we got to Houston, 1300 miles !!if if I I

    Dropped it of at I beleave AJ Foyts shop.

    Picked it up the next eve with a new tire

    an they charged an extra $30.00 to wash it.

    Said it was just to dirty to work on.

    I can tell you this my buddy sure was pissed,

  • Lol its to dirty to work on .. normaly when u work on things it gets dirty .. and they should of washed it for free

  • I painted my bobber flat black. It gets washed when I ride it in the rain. Other than that, nothing. I like the grungy old school look and a little dirt gives it character!

  • Im the opiset my bike gets cleaned like every time i ride her ... Cant stand a dirty bike,car on the other hand diffrent story

  • lol, that is one sick friend. i want a pic of it :) ... oh, znd i haven't washed mine since i bought it :p

  • I wash mine, but mine is white so it looks like shit if I don't. Besides I want to look good and when my bike looks good I look good.

  • Wash and wax, check oil level, lube my chain, and put it away. That way it's always ready to go when I am. Machines always last longer when you pay attention to the details. Someone in Iowa took very good care of this Rebel for the first 23 years. I'm just continuing that tradition.