Your best comebacks. What are they. Here s mine


Your best comebacks? What are they? Here's mine:

Riding back to CA through Bend, OR - stopped at Starbucks and parked next to a couple of Harley guys - 1 of them was on a silver/black '03 Anniversary edition.

He looks over my Aero (the original one!) and says - "What is that?", so I tell him, it's a Honda Aero.

Him: When are you going to get a real bike?

Me: When is your bike going to get a real rider?

Then he asked about my paint - How did I decide on the colors (red/cream)?

Me: Well, that was pretty easy - I didn't like black and silver!

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  • Mine, the wife and I were on our way to Tennessee from Ohio and pulled off in Jellico after a hellish rainstorm. She walks Inside to change and a older gentleman and his wife roll up on a road king. He looks the bike over and gets out a tool bag and starts working on his bike. Looks over at me and states, "real riders ride Harley's. Why don't you get a real bike? My retort: I ride a Honda so that I don't have to pull out a tool bag at every stop. I wrench enough on others peoples stuff during the week, that I don't want to wrench on the weekends. Where y'all headed? Him: robinsville nc, why? Me, we'll make sure they save you a room. ( our bike broke down 20 miles later).

  • I had a guy argue with me that our 98 Aero was a Harley. He got mad when it wasn't.

  • Same here Jeremy Blanchard. Mine even says Honda on it!!! Duh

  • I have never once heard a negative comment from any biker about the brand I was riding, at least not to my face. Everywhere I've ridden its always been, it's the ride that counts not what you're riding, or, to each his own? Where the hell do you guys all ride that you encounter so many A-holes?

  • We'll, in my case, it was all in good fun - I ended up riding back to CA with my two new found Harley buddies.

  • Actually ran into a Harley rider a few years back that said something along the lines of "Yeah I should get a Honda, they never seem to have problems, you have to spend so much time getting the Harley going each year"...

  • I didn't have any problems with my Harleys

  • I always say that Harley riders are a dime a dozen. Real bikers are rare.

  • Generally my standard comeback

  • I've had many bikes, including Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and even a Triumph. Never spent much time worried about what the next person is riding. When a comment has been made, I tell them to be safe and enjoy their ride.