• Your choice CB or CL BFE Cycle Luther Iowa All of our Net Worths are...

    Your choice! CB or CL, BFE Cycle, Luther, Iowa. All of our Net Worths are appreciatig, nicely! $3750 and $4200.

    • Nice - but you are better off putting this post on the sale page

    • I might, if I stood to profit. I posted only for anyone's interest in what the market is valuing 450's. I doubt I would sell my old, neglected, non-running 68 for that. It was my first bike. I love going into dealers and finding bikes I own, with outrageous prices. It gets "flaunted" when I get home. "See, Honey, I'm going to be a millionaire in just a couple more years!"

    • I listed my cafe at 5k, got an offer of 4,200... should've took it. But I'm too proud

    • See - over here in Aus that is a good price. People are paying $7K or more for good original CB450's.

    • Mines definitely not original. But it's a good bike, built right. I don't really wanna sell it. Those bikes in the pics seem priced right to me.

    • Australian $? I know the exchange was favorable to the US a few months ago. But, wow!

    • I'd sell this for $2000

    • '68 CL? With the original tank badges. Nice.

    • High

    • Can throw in a complete 69 cl450 for a little more.