• Zoki Jovanovski I ve deleted your post keep them CBF related please

    Zoki Jovanovski, I've deleted your post, keep them CBF related please

    • Are you referring to me?

    • ????

    • Max Loosli I also am confused Max

    • Can we compare and contrast other brands with the CBF? What are you mad about MAX?

    • Jesse Daring, I was talking to Zoki about his post, based on this ...

      Welcome to Honda CB 900 F Riders/Owners and all DOHC late 70,s and all early 80,s CB fours. Always good to see photos of your bike and projects to share with other members.....hoping you find the group useful. Please note:- All non Honda CBF posts will be deleted and members posting them removed.

      These are the group guidelines which people agree to when they join us. All us admins take it seriously.

      That doesn't mean we shutdown all posts, but there needs to be a CBF element. If people want to compare other bikes to CBFs, that's fine, there is a CBF element. If people want to post completely unrelated (to CBFs) posts about different aspects of biking, videos of non-CBF bikes, etc. then an admin will come along and remove it. If people don't take the hint we are prepared to remove them as well.

      What this group isn't, is a general biking forum. We are here to talk about CBFs, there's plenty of other groups for all the other stuff.

    • I think that covers it pretty well , none of the admin are trying to be awkward just keeping things on correct topic